Her kommer del 2 av alle minnene mine fra 2016. Enjoy <3 
Part 2 of my highlights in 2016. Enjoy folks <3 
* Linn Sofie and I visited Stockholm in Sweden
* I ate too much ice cream 
* Alexander wrote the cutest note and I still have it <3 
* We painted our living room black (!)
* I made some healthy desserts and shared the recipe here on my blog. 
* Alexander and I did a photoshoot for Didriksons
* I turned 24! Happy birthday to me back then haha
* FKH played so good and Alexander was killing it on the field! #soproud
* Did so many outfit photoshoots and went out of my comfort zone 
* Finally made a super tasty and healthy green smoothie. You can find the recipe here 
* Did a photoshoot for Getinspired.no with Tone Damli & Kathrine Sørland
* Sophia, my niece, came for a surprise visit! <3
* We painted our bedroom grey and I just loved the result 
* Karoline and I went for a hiking trip at Vågslid
* I did a super sweet and amazing yoga session outside. The view was amazing
* We had a halloween party! Cant wait to have it again. 
*Alexander and I went to London, England.
* I bought my very first designer bag. Gucci <3 
* We met my cousin and her husband and had awesome freakshakes 
* Football season is over! Alexander did a super season and his team came on the 4th place.
* I bought another designer bag. Wtf. Chloé bag and IM SO IN LOVE
* We got our self a home office and I still can’t believe I haven’t shared the images with you guys
* Alexander and I tried the funniest facial mask ever. Bobble mask! Ha ha 
* This month was almost to busy. I was a bit moody and stressed so I had to make cute smoothie bowls all the time so that I managed to be on the right track. #mademehappy
* We bought a new camera. Olympus Pen and we love it! 
* MIAMI BEACH! ahh wish we still where here
* Went to a lot of Christmas parties 
* Celebrated Christmas eve with Alexander and my family <3 
* Alexander gave me a F****** drone!!!!